Tuesday, September 20, 2011

News at HMFA

Hello HMFA friends and supporters,

It's been a while! But, we have some exciting news to share at HMFA:

1) We are having our Annual Fundraiser on:

Wednesday, October 19th at Johnny D's in Somerville, MA at 7pm.

Your purchase of a $15 ticket will go to support another great year of HMFA serving free fresh, local, and healthy meals to our community! Check out these local bands at our fundraiser:

*Creature Breath
*Andrew Greene with Eric Salt
*Sam Otis Hill and Company
*Anger Management

We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions about the fundraiser, feel free to email us at heartymealsforall@gmail.com.

2) Check out Rebecca and Yvette on Somerville Gives Back, a show produced by the Somerville Communications Department, that highlights non-profit organizations in Somerville. Its a great clip about the program and you get to see the meal prep in action!

3) We are blessed to have a new intern,
Elizabeth Espen, helping out with the program. You will probably see Elizabeth around at the meals and likely receive some email contact from her at some point, so please help us in welcoming her into the HMFA family!

4) Last, but definitely not least, we recently heard that Hearty Meals for All will receive a grant from the Somerville Health Foundation. Part of this support will help us to create a recipe book, so stay tuned. The rest of their generous support will help us continue to offer locally sourced, healthy meals each month. Thanks, for your continued support, SHF!

Thank you all for your continued interest in and support of our program!


Emily, Rebecca, Yvette, and Elizabeth

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